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Water Heater Installation/Repair in San Jose, CA — Who Is The Best?

Plumbing services include a big range of labor. At first, these are confluent and sewage systems: replacement of pipes, renovation of existing ones, depuration of sewage from blockages, preventive works. The master works fast, regularly and efficiently for an hour, he will help to dismantle the aged sanitary engineering or pipes, and install a novel one. The price of dismantling depends on the pipe kind. The mounting of the draining point, substitution of the riser with the preliminary demounting of the ancient pipes is also being carried out, the wall may also be gouged.

Plumbing works in the event of an uncomfortable situation with drainage stagnation are granted fairly quickly, after getting of the application.

The most rated plumbing companies in San Jose, CA

Plumbing Tech

Charles M.

5.0 star rating 7/19/2016

These guys do what they say and make it happen. Adrian is the man. He works hard at doing the job right. He really thinks about his customers

rho n.

5.0 star rating 8/27/2015

Plumbing leak under the slab during the winter holiday.  Arturo came out with the middle bid, but won the bid since he was able to best articulate the scope of work and job expectations;  any issues outside of the expectations were professionally handled and communicated.  They re-piped our whole house in a timely manner.  Plumbers, carpenters, and drywaller/painter all did great.  I would recommend these guys to friends and families.

Eugene C.

1.0 star rating 8/24/2015

They were unable to clear the blockage in my main sewer line.  The plumber suggested adding another cleanout, in the yard, for $900.  I rejected that and he said that he could use the hydro jet, which is normally $900, for only $600 because they really wanted to get the job done.  There is more, but to shorten the story, I declined any further work.

The next day I called a plumbing company that was recommended by my insurance company.  That company came out and unblocked the main line without any problem.

EJ Plumbing

J M.

5.0 star rating 10/25/2018   Updated review

Jay came out to clear the tub and did a great job. Thank you, Jay!

Linda M.

5.0 star rating 10/16/2018

EJ Plumbing was fantastic! I called them yesterday morning and they came within the hour and was done before 12n. They replaced my garbage disposal (they came prepared with 2 options) and some pipes under the house and fixed all the leaks in the kitchen 🙂

Bee H.

3.0 star rating 5/16/2018   Updated review

I’m upgrading my rating because I think this was just a misunderstanding. This is probably a good business.

But for the future, I’d say “don’t put your customers through an unnecessary screening for minor issues.” This turned out to be a 5-minute job (just a clogged faucet) that cost me $55, instead of two visits and a $250 bill. It had nothing to do with my tankless water heater.

I think this is a good plumber who just needs some perspective from a customer’s view – your bureaucracy is screwing up your business. This is a real-world situation that would have ended badly if I had accepted the conditions offered.

I hope this helps EJ avoid another such misunderstanding.

Ethan X.

1.0 star rating 11/9/2018

A $150 service fee for just showing up at your place to give an estimate. We didn’t go with them because the price was too high. Nevertheless, I had to pay them $150 for showing up.  Eventually, the I had the problem fixed for $200 by another service provider.

San Jose Drain and Main

Ilan S.

5.0 star rating 11/12/2018

I had my toilets clogged. Sam and Jovarre came a couple of hours after I called them, right on time. They fixed the problem very quick and did a clean job, price was really fair. This is after I called a different plumber for the same problem a week before, he did a very messy job and it took him hours. I definitely recommend Sam and Jovarre.

jane r.

5.0 star rating 11/11/2018

We had an emergency at a apartment house.  They came and fixed it better than we expected and charged more than quoted,  but did much more than was expected.  They were still very reasonable.   Ken will be our go to person from now on.

Jack J.

3.0 star rating 6/24/2018

This guy knows his stuff as far as plumbing but his conduct is not very professional. Before doing each service he’d make a joke about how people these days can’t fix things themselves. I mean, do I really need to hear that?

Charles W.

1.0 star rating 8/29/2018

Called them on Monday, never heard back from them. What happened to “customer service”?

Local Rooter & Plumbing

HsiaoFang C.

5.0 star rating 11/13/2018

Tony is very responsible, efficient, patient and friendly. He helped me to change all water pipes in my house, fixed the water heater and Laundry washer and dryer. In addition, he promised one year guarantee and tell me if there is any problem I can call him. It made me feel comfortable and I think that I don’t need to worry about any water problem in my house after 20 years.

Usman M.

5.0 star rating 11/11/2018

Best customer service everrrr!!!! I called Local Rooter & Plumbing to ask for a quote. Duy answered the phone and asked me a couple questions. Then he walked me through some simple trouble shooting techniques which fixed the issue. He could have easily just came to my place and charged hundreds of dollars, but he decided to be a good samaritan and help me over the phone. If something is easily fixable, they will walk you thought the steps. Duy, you made a permanent customer!!!!! Thank you!

Susan B.

3.0 star rating 10/4/2017

In July they came out and replaced pipes under the home and did some work on both toilets. I have not written a review as of yet because we are waiting for someone to go under the house to see if there are any wet areas.  I do want to say that for the most part they were professional and nice. today I’m told one of the toilets is leaking around the base, but I have to verify it before calling them.  I want to give them a better rating but have to wait to update it by end of this month.

Willam B.

1.0 star rating 2/10/2018   Updated review

Also just noticed they pouted some chemicals they were using over my front lawn and killed the grass. Nice

Local Rooter & Plumbingopinions

Efficient Water Heaters

Jacqueline F.

5.0 star rating 11/9/2018

Responded quickly. We had a pilot issue and it was fixed quickly!  Super friendly and would highly recommend! 🙂

Balamurugan K.

5.0 star rating 11/9/2018

We had a 14-year old water heater that started leaking water. Did a quick search on yelp and contacted multiple companies. Neither of them was available the same day. But Joseph gave a quote over the phone, understood the situation and came the very same day for a late evening appointment and got the job done quickly and perfectly.

Vidya K.

4.0 star rating 11/10/2018

They are very punctual  and  accurate but verrry expensive!!

Zoey F.

1.0 star rating 5/19/2018

YELPERS BEWARE: You will be charged $85 for quotes!!! Please be AWARE before agreeing to let them come out to *look* at a problem and giving a quote. They charge flat $85 for simply LOOKING and NOT fixing any issues.

We were also NOT told this beforehand AT ALL. We had a problem with our water heater’s pilot light not staying on. Over the phone the owner told us they can FIX it for $85, and that’s why we agreed for them to come out. When they got here they said it’s a different part that was the issue and they couldn’t fix it until we have the parts. However, they STILL insisted on charging for the full $85.

Won’t be doing business with dishonest owners.